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Dynamic list items logic setting so they don't duplicate

Hey Webflow Heroes!

I have two sections where I need help on the logic of pulling dynamic content, the related article link and the Latest Posts in Category section below it.

The related article link:
I want this link to pull from the next (older) article chronologically after the current article that is displayed on the page.

The Latest Posts in Features (Category) section:
I want this section to pull the first 4 newest articles of that category without 1)repeating in the above related article link and 2) without displaying the current article that is displayed on the page as a post in this section of thumbnails.

Are these settings achievable? Can someone point me in the right direction to accomplish these?

Here is my public share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/blog-exploration-project-km?preview=0a4a5645276234a37b5a6a33fd17e9af

I’m working in the collections page “Articles Template”

Thanks so much for any guidance!

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There may or may not be an automagic way of doing it, but what I would do is just put a “Current Article” switch on there and filter it in/out where appropriate.

Hi @Cricitem,

Thanks for jumping in here! Can you explain this method a little further. I’m relatively new to the CMS. Where would I add such a switch?

You’ll select Switch as the field type, then just put “Latest Article” or something as the value. You’ll need to flip the switch every time you post a new article, then go to the second to last article and “unflip” the switch on that one.

Then, in the container where you want all but the latest article to show, you’ll go to Conditional Visibility (on the side) and add a condition so that it will show all of the articles that are NOT marked as the Latest Article.

Or you could just set this once in the dynamic list and leave it as that.


@samliew for the win!! Thanks so much!

Thanks @Cricitem for your input here, too!

Really appreciate you both.

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