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Latest Posts Displaying in 2 Separate Ways

Hi everybody!

Such a great pleasure to join the Webflow community - a real exploration of 2017 for me :slight_smile:

Could you assist me with the following quick request, please?

We have an ‘Events’ page. There should be displayed 2 sections of events:
1 - the latest single event (with a separate styling for it) and
2 - all ofther latest events except that the most latest one.

How could this be set inside Webflow CMS settings?

Much appreciate of any suggestions.


I’ve just done this myself, so here is my suggestion.
For the main event (or latest event) you would create a dynamic list and limit the item to start at 1 and limit to 1.

This will be the latest post.

For the rest, you create a new dynamic list; Start at 2 and limit to what ever you feel like.

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It appeared even easier than one could think :smile:
Thank you, Karl.

Best wishes!