Automatically show related posts whitin individual blog page (but not the one currently reading)

Hi Webies!

I want to know if someone has any clues on how to automatically show related posts whitin an individual blog page but not the one currently reading.
It would be a combination of Collection list and conditional visibility but I don’t know how to implement that without custom code.

Thanks a lot for your help!

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Yes you can do that.

On your CMS collection page where you have the blog article itself, you’ll have another collection list which shows the related articles.

That list can contain e.g. the most recent 5 published articles, or those in the same category as your current article, or 10 random articles, or whatever.

Once that’s setup, click into that related articles collection and select the collection item.


There, apply a filter of Blog Post | is not | Current Blog Post


It worked!
Thanks I didn’t know about that feature.

You’re amazing.

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Hey @memetican or anyone that could help me out!

I managed to hide the currently reading post in the suggested post at the end of each individual CMS page. But my client wants to suggest the last 3 CMS item following the currently reading.
I did a drawing explaining in blue but I want and in red what is currently happening.

Thanks a lot!

Group 1212
Group 1213

Hey Olivier, here’s how-

Hey Michael,
Many thanks for your help and video. Indeed I’m sorting by descending by date.
I tried to add a filter that only shows 3 CMS related items that checked the condition of being less than the date of the current item.

Unfortunately, in WF the only parameters available (to filter by dates) are:
{Date} → “is after or equal to” → “x” {days} → “in the past/in the future

That’s why you suggested using numeric sorting maybe?

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Share your readonly link, I’ll have a look.

It should be easy enough to do with Webflow’s built-in filtering and sorting options, however if you run into a wall there, you can use my advanced filtering library which will let you filter items any way you want.