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Dynamic forms option?

Hello all,

I’m creating a page for events that people can register to.
The event page is a dynamic page, and I can have a lot of events at the same time - Yet since it’s the same CMS it is only 1 form.

So when, for example, 2 different users apply for 2 different events and submit the form, I get their submissions under the same form ( As the 2 events are the same collection that has one design, so one form name). And therefore I wouldn’t know which user applied to which event.

I’m trying to figure how to receive their submission and understand to which event they registered.
I added a dropdown of choosing the event name but from UX point of view, it’s not very good as they are already on the event page.

It’s under the secret show page, you’ll see the RSVP pop up:

Any thoughts how can i create this?


Instead of dropdown, use a hidden field inserted via embed code, which fills in the current cms item name.