Multiple Form Data

I am creating an event site for a client that will have 3 different events listed for users to register. Is it possible to create 3 separate forms and be able to sort the forms data—so the client knows which form the user registers to? Right now when they register all the forms entry are in the same database in Webflow and there’s no way to identify which form/event the user is registering to.

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You can add the event name into the form itself as a hidden field.
Often this is done using an HTML Embed and;

<input type="hidden" name="Event Name" value="YOUR EVENT NAME HERE">

Just write in your event name or if the events are in the CMS, you can use Add Field in the embed to insert the appropriate CMS field.

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You didn’t mention what the “database” is. Is it the default Webflow form collection, found under your project settings? Or external?

If it’s the default then give each form a different name and the data will be sorted for you in the project settings, form tab.

If it’s an external database, what are you using and how are you getting the form submissions into it?

@memetican @ChrisDrit Thank you! I was trying to make this way more complicated—but that works perfect for what I need.