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Add data to a form submission from dynamic input

I have created a registration form and dropped it into my events template that draws info from an events collection in the cms. It has a title pulled in from the cms event collection. This is within the form div.

When the client receives a registration they need to know for what event the registration is for, so that title needs to appear in the email. For the time being I have added an extra field that the registrar need to fill in with the name of the event - but thats pretty lame solution.

go to collection templates > events template, and scroll to bottom. There are two forms one english, one dutch that can be switched on or off in the collection.

JUST solved this with a little wisdom from Nelson…

You can try adding a Dynamic Embed into your dynamic template page. In that code you could do something like:

For more information on dynamic embeds, please refer to this article:

I hope this helps! If not, just submit a detailed post on our Need Help page here: Posting Guidelines for the Design Help Category. Send me the link to it and I’ll take a closer look! :slight_smile:

I’ll be standing by for your response! :slight_smile: