Embed html content in blog posts

Hey Folks, I am looking to embed content in blog posts. The content won’t be consistent between blog posts and may not even be there in every blog post. Essentially the idea is to be able to embed interactive content that help people learn more about the topic being covered.

Is there a way to do this? I see some older threads on this but they mostly cover embedding consistent content like a map in every post for example.


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You can definitely do that. It’s called dynamic embed and you can find a tutorial with an example here:

If the embedded content is not consistent throughout the blog posts you can use conditional visibility in order to show or not the embedded content:

Hope this helps.

Possible duplicate of HTML in Rich Text - When?

Thanks! I went an up-voted this. Would be nice to be able to do this without the workaround,

Thank you! Will review the resources you shared.

Hoping there is a way to mimic a generic iframe because I wouldn’t want to create a custom CMS for each type of embed (which could be highly varied from one blog post to another).