Dynamic audio player for each page (item)

Hi, I am building a site where there are a collection of audio URLs stored for each record.

Each record should have its own “page” in the cms that dynamically populates an audio player for the associate audio URL.

For example, audio 1 could have a slug of /audio-1, audio 2 a slug of /audio-2.

Each page would have their open title, description, and open graph meta tags for sharing.

There would be an audio player (recommendations?) that I suspect is javascript/html5, but the value of the audioURL would need to be dynamically associated with that record such that /audio-1 has an audioplayer which plays audio-1.mp3 and /audio-2 plays audio-2.mp3


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Hey Tim,

Your question is a bit broad, covering questions of CMS design, data modeling, page design, audio player choice… better if you share the readonly designer link for what you’ve built so far, and are specific about where exactly you’re stuck.

As to what player you use, it depends on;

  • Which one you like
  • What formats your audios are in, and where they’re stored

The basic HTML5 player is good for many uses, and you’d just embed your audio URL inside of the embed where you’ve formed the audio tag.

I think it’s solvable if the basic elements of the dynamic code injection were doable. I appears that it can be done based on the forums, but it’s unclear…it seems like using RTF for the actual code in the CMS element can be used…and that potentially injected in the HTML embed and this will work…is that correct? The audio URLs are public in firebase and they work in my mobile app and the webapp version of it, but I need it to be in an SEO and open graph CMS.

Is my assumption right that dynamic code is possible?

And if so, can be it be simplified as:

  1. Code is in RTF?
  2. The element on the dynamic page is embed code and that code is injectable?