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Audio Player for Webshop

Hey peeps,

i would like to know if someone knows a solution for the following case.
I want to create an webshop for selling physical music. Very important for this is that customers can listen to the tracks before they buying the items.

I just found the possibility to implement a audio webplayer where i can add some music. But i need a solution for a dynamic way to implement the tracks. So in my case i want to place a product in the cms tool and link a couple of tracks direct to the product item. So if the user will see the product detail page the audio player automatically will show the right tracks of that product.

Does anyone know how to get that?
Thanks for helping.

Hi Simon, welcome to the forum :webflow_heart:

To host a proper audio file you’ll probably need an external server (Amazon or similar). You could have a field with the direct link to the audio file, and use custom code with the Audio player you use to match those 2 together in the CMS Item.