Audio player with CMS Collections

Hello gents,

I am currently trying to create a membership website for audio + video fitness content. We should be able to have video collections (not a problem) as well as audio.

I want to have 1 page = 1 video + 1 audio player.
But the solutions I find only allow me to display all the players with collections list.
videos work fine.

Has anyone managed to find a way to have collections, with 1 page for 1 audio player ?

Kind regards

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Le Bloom Club

Hey Nicholas,

Depends on where you are hosting your audio, but you’d add your audio content link to your CMS collection, and the use an HTML embed to embed your 3rd party audio player code.

I use Soundcloud for this on podcasts, however those podcasts are public. You’d need to check and see how well it handles private link-only sharing.

If that is unsupported, you can search the forums here for how to host your audio files on dropbox, google drive, or Netlify.

Thank you for your answer.
My problem is that if I have multiples tracks / audios, they all display at the same time in a list :

This is not happening for videos, where I can have 1 vidéo only per collection page if you see what I mean :

Capture d’écran 2023-04-21 à 14.08.31
Capture d’écran 2023-04-21 à 14.08.25

Has anyone found a way to work around that ?

All of your links above are shut down, so I cannot see anything.
However there is no limitation here-

On a collection page, any field you bind will pick up the content from that field, once.

If you place a collection list on the page, you can get multiple items from the collection ( or item multiref field ) that you bind it to.

From your brief description it sounds like you’ve bound your video element to a video field, and then put a collection list for your audios, so you’re getting multiple items there.

Think about what it is you’re wanting to build and you can pretty easily see where collection lists make sense and where they don’t.

If you need help building this out, PM me and I can send you my rates.

Hey @SQUAD :wave:. If you are still looking, we built an audio player that can dynamically play audio files from the CMS and can be customized to look however you want in Webflow:

Let me know if you have any questions!