Is it possible to change a collection list source dynamically inside a collect CMS page?


I am trying to build a portfolio site that needs to host a lot of audio files as content. Because Webflow doesn’t support audio files as part of the CMS data, my plan is to build a separate CMS collection list for each page that stores offsite URLs to the audio files. I will use the HTML audio tags with the embed element to load the files. Therefore the structure of the site is:

CMS collection page

  • CMS collection list for audio files

My question is - is it possible for the CMS collection list to be changed depending on which CMS collection page is being viewed. Currently, every CMS collection page is featuring the same CMS collection list element.

The site is using GitHub - tomhazledine/picobel: A lightweight wrapper for HTML audio. Bring your own CSS. to style the HTML audio tags.

Thanks for your help. If this is not possible, I will need to abandon CMS for the project pages and convert to a components approach which will be very disappointing.

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Two ways to do that,

A ref from sound fields to works, or a multiref from works to sound files.
Have a look at the Webflow U courses on CMS’s for more details.

Thank you so much memtican - I followed your video and it worked!

Some CMS platforms allow you to filter the collection list dynamically based on parameters or user inputs.

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