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Duplicating symbol / navbar

Hi there everyone,
Ive been trying for ages to duplicate the navbar symbol. It only is shown on the “shop page” at the moment.
I want to have two different navbar symbols. The area I want to change is the nav menu/links.
they will be huge text and only used to that effect on home page, and all other pages will use the navbar as is.
ive tried using the command keys to unlink the symbol, make changes, and then create a second nav bar symbol.
no matter what i do it wont unlink the nav menu and links, the changes always take effect to every instance or version of symbol. but for some reason when unlinking and playing around, i was able to change the logo image and it only effected the instance i was working on.
why am i finding it impossible to unlink the nav menu and links as thats the part of the navbar i want to change for other pages.

thanks, Nick

Define override field “message” and put text inside only on homepage (One navbar symbol only and one override field):

is there a way to do this without the override fields, as i said i got the symbol originally unlinked and was able to change the logo but just not the nav menu and links. im curious as to why its not unlinking nav menu and links to let me create two separate symbols?

i will try your way as well

also to clarify, im trying to change the text size and positioning of the drop down nav menu/links, not what the text says.
is that what you mean by “message”?