Duplicate Page Serious Problem

Link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/tinamkister?preview=4f82c0903ff4317dd962f514f6b29437

I created a duplicate page, specifically so I could experiment on the copy without altering the first, and my changes took effect on both pages, and the Undo button doesn’t work.

Help! I’ve just lost important work!

Thank you!

(The pages are “Portfolio – Technical Writing” and “Portfolio – Technical Writing Copy.”

Can you restore from a backup?

Yep – and lose all the work I’ve done in the last hour.

More importantly, how do I use duplicate pages properly so this doesn’t happen? Or is it supposed to happen?

Looking at your website, what appeared to happen is something else. Element classes (like your thumbnail-hover-appear class or your portfolio-heading class) are not page-specific. That means that even if you’re working on a duplicate of a page, any changes to the CSS will apply to all instances of those classes regardless of what page they’re on. HTML-specific changes on the other hand, like adding or removing text, reorganizing content, etc., are specific to that page.

Edit: When you say “experiment on the copy” do you mean just changing the text itself? Or were you changing properties associated with that copy and other elements (styling/size/margin)?

Also, Shift + CMD + S (or Shift + Control + S on Windows) will create a backup snapshot on command! I recommend doing these at regular intervals so you can quickly revert back to a previous state.

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I did not make any changes to classes. All I did was remove a div and it’s contents. I don’t think it should have made the changes to the original page.

Now I have a new issue: I restored to the most recent backup, and the pages are displaying on the left, but when I try to open them, it says they aren’t found. (See the message in the upper right corner of the design window.)

Very not happy. :worried:

I took a look at your preview link and switched between all your pages and did not encounter that error.

Which page was giving you that error?

Also, have you tried either:

  • refreshing the page
  • logging out and back in
  • or quitting and starting your browser

My apologies: It seems as if the div I removed was, indeed, part of a symbol.


I’m totally burned out on this whole thing, and will try to restore my lost changes tomorrow.

Thanks for the input!

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np! :slight_smile: learning the tool does take some time. But you’ll be a Webflow expert soon enough.


According to support, it was likely a connection issue (not the symbol thing, but the thing with the page “Not Found.” One of the things that happens when I use Webflow is that a lot of little tiny things go wrong, and then when something that seems big goes wrong, I’m pushed over my frustration threshold.

I think that the little things are often the result of connection issues… I’d sure love a downloadable version of Webflow!

Thanks for the input and help! :grinning:

Ok, so I’m back at it, and I don’t think I did remove a symbol. The element I removed is called “side-nav,” and you can see in the Navigator panel that it is not showing a symbol. Am I missing something?

I went through the exact same steps this morning (duplicating the page and removing the same element from the page copy), and it did NOT remove it from the original page.

Can this be a “connection issue”?

Thanks for the tip on saving – I didn’t know I could do that! :grinning:

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