Duplicate page without editing the previous one

I have duplicated my homage to make a brand new landing page.
However, it has destroyed many parts of my homepage. So I choose to backup a previous version.
Now, I need to know how can I duplicate a page without editing the previous one ?

Thanks in advance,

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You can duplicate the page under settings (guessing maybe this is the method you used?)

Then, if you don’t want style changes to take place on the homepage, you’ll have to select each style and choose “Duplicate Class” which will start you off with the existing style settings from your homepage but you can modify them and they won’t affect your original.

thanks a lot ! it will be helpfull. I’ll try it later

Hey mate,
Thank you for your help. I have the same issue with duplicate page without change the original one. I tried to duplicate the class like you did but it doesn’t work. The problem still the same :

  1. Duplicate page 1 to 2
  2. Edit page 2
    Problem edit apply on Page 1 also

Do you have another solution for it ?

Thank you in advance.

I will need your read-only link + a detailed explanation about which page is the original, which is the duplicate, and which elements of the original page are changing, that should not be changing.

From the steps you’ve listed, there should be a third step. The one where you duplicate each class on the duplicated page, as shown in my original screen grab.