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Duplicate page issues


After creating a page with assets uploaded, I duplicated it. In the duplicate copy, I wanted to upload new set of assets. But when I did that, it changed the assets in the original page too. So how can one use the duplicate copy of a page without the changes of duplicate being reflected in the original page?


Was that happening to background images?

Background images are attached to a CSS STYLE. so if you create a box and add a class “box” to it, put a background, duplicate the page, update the background in the new page, as this is the same class “box”, the image changed everywhere. That’s the beauty of CSS, you reuse your styles. If you want the same box with an other background, you add another class to “box”. like “box2”, and change the background, it will affect only this box,or all elements labeled “box box2”

Other thing, if you’ve made changes to a Symbol block (one circled in green) it also changes everywhere it is.


Thanks, Vincent. This is happening to the slider images and text on the page. So may be I should change class of the sections each of them are in?

So I tried changing classes of elements in duplicate under one page. the class names are changing automatically in the original page too! How can we solve this?
Really need guidance.

I’m attaching the image of elements of which I changed classes in the duplicate page. It for a slider section.

That’s hardly possible…

Tell me what elements are concerned and can you generate your public link from the dashboard? the share link…

Hi vincent.
I undid changes, then added to class names again , exited out of edit and came back to the website edit section.
It works now. And as you said, I will try the same approach for any element thats a duplicated symbol too incase if I want it to be different on the duplicate page.

appreciate the prompt response & help!

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