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Can I keep new work is using a backup?

I made a duplicate page for a new portfolio page, and after working a few days on it, I realized I messed up my original portfolio, which had six galleries. The navigation bar (and therefore the galleries) are gone from my primary portfolio. I know I can restore an older version from the backups. My question is: is there a way to retain the new page I’ve created while restoring the portfolio?

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Create a new project, then copy the page elements to a new page on the new project. After backup restore, copy elements back.

OK, thank you! I’ll try that. Can I ask you a question to clarify? I think I created the problem by duplicating my portfolio page to make a wedding portfolio page under a different tab, then deleting the nav bar on the wedding page. If I paste back the new elements, wouldn’t the same thing happen? I’m totally new to webflow, and I think there are ways that some things are linked that I don’t understand. I’m attaching three screenshots: 1-the original way the portfolio looked – to which I can restore, 2- the wedding portfolio page I created from a duplicate page of the portfolio, and 3-what happened to my portfolio. Will you please take a look and see if you think the problem will persist?

Thank you!


03 Resulting Portfolio with tabs gone