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Duplicate class messes up another element and other things

I have used the feature ‘duplicate class’ a lot previous days. I love it, because I made a thousand errors with copying classes and then forgetting I did that, etc. However since yesterday whenever I try to duplicate a class there is an element under my menu called ‘navbar bottom line’ that turns very thick black. It doesn’t go away. The class shows as 1px thick. I have attached 2 pictures that show what happens. I can not use ‘duplicate class’ anymore, which slows down my work a lot.

I have found many troubles last days. For instance some changes that I made/make didn’t seem to stick. They do on the moment, even in the published website and then the next day some of those changes are gone.

An hour ago I was working on a page and when published, there was no content at all showing up in the published site. Only the menu showed. In desigener it was there. When I checked that page in preview, there was also no content. I restored an earlier version of the site of an hour ago and luckily in that version the page did appear, but I have to redo all my work now.

I have had trouble with interactions. Assigning elements to interactions and then odd behavior where the element went to another or it’s previous interaction. Or setting an element to opacity 0% and the element is still visible.

Etc. etc.

Also I have found that I have to restart my computer every few hours, because the speed becomes too slow. After restarting it is fine for a while. I am working in Google chrome in private mode.

So, what is going on and more important: how can this be improved? Especially duplicate class is so important to me.


Google ChromeSchermSnapz040
Should be like this:
Google ChromeSchermSnapz039

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