Duplicate Form, Same Page

Hey guys, I just created two forms on a website (as a test) with same IDs and same inputs (same ids). All submissions go under one form submission in project settings which is what I wanted to see happen.

Someone tell me there won’t be a problem down the line.

I haven’t tested this recently but as far as I’m aware, Webflow coalesces form results by Form Name ( not ID ). You won’t have problems with that, unless you change one of the forms and not the other- then you’ll end up with a weird-looking multicolumn form history.

If you really want the same form multiple times, put it in a component for safety.

ID’s are designed to exist only once per page, but that won’t create real issues for you unless you have CSS or script referencing those ID’s.

No, I don’t have any script referencing it.

Can’t thank you enough. You are always available for me.