Form as a component used and added country code.popup and footer section in one page

I created page. and used form for two times as a component. one is modal onclick book a meeting and second is use in footer section.
I have added country code using custom code. but when i run the file not showing country code in two forms. showing country code in footer section and it’s work. not work in modal. what should i do? any other action when I missing?

link : Webflow Development Agency

Hi Nensi,

I do not see the form anywhere on the page link you shared, and you also did not share your designer readonly link.

The main problem sounds like whatever tool or code you are using to generate the country codes needs to be designed to support multiple instances of the form on the same page.

If you were relying on ID to select those form elements, it won’t work since you’ll now have two duplicate ID’s conflicting.

yes, the issue is ID’s conflicting. so, I have set with different ID in a forms and component is removed. and it’s work.

I wanted to know if the forms component I used in one page for two times. so, the same ID can works in a forms ? because form that will be easy for component.

Yes you can use a form in a component. However you cannot have the same ID more than once on a page.

That means your javascript needs to be designed differently so that it can find and prepare each of the forms each the way you want. Most often people use custom attributes or classes to identify and select multiple on-page elements in JavaScript.