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Same id in Forms after copy/paste

Hi, Webflow Team!
If i copy existing form in my site - new copy of form have same id.
This is unacceptable for the validity of the code and the rules of html.

Please, fix it. )

The opposite would not be good. If you copy a form, you get a copy, including the ID, thankfully. We may want to work on a few occurences of a form to keep one only copy later.

To duplicate a form, create a new form, delete the default elements, and copy/paste the content of the form to duplicate. Eventually, add back the needed classes to the form element.

Edit: don’t even do this, look @cyberdave answer below on how to change an ID manually.

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Thank you, Vincent! It makes sense. :slight_smile:

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Hi @1112, just one more thing I wanted to add :slight_smile: When you copy an element and paste, this does not automatically increment or change the IDs. The same for the Form Names.

If you duplicate a form by copy and paste, you can change the ID to suit your purposes, and change the Form Name so that there will be two differently named forms in the Forms tab in Site settings where the form entries are received.

You can have as many forms as you like, but they all should be given at least a different form name :smile:



I understand, cyberdave. I’ll go this way. )

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