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Classes copied - duplicate conflict

I am having a problem with classes which I have copied from one project to another. Since many of the classes already exist in the target project Webflow created classes with “2” behind the class name to avoid conflict. However, once I have removed the original class and trying to rename the copied class ist tells me that the class already exists. Which is not the case. I double checked all classes multiple times, cleared browser cache etc. Also the class inspector is indicating an incorrect number of classes used within a single page.

For testing purposes I entered the original class to see how many times it’s in use - see screenshot and it says “sec-content” is used 4 times on this particular page even though the class is only used once. Any thoughts??

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Which class exactly you say you don’t have anywhere on your site but shows as existing in your list of classes?

Hello, @olexalex!

Ben here with the Webflow Customer Support Team! I’d love to help you with this.

Can you share with me which page you’re working on when you see this incorrect count? :smiley:

The page I am referring to was this one: However, the problem applies to the whole page not just a single page.

More importantly, it seems to be impossible to rename certain class duplicates from “class 2” to just “class” without getting the message that “class” already exists even though it doesn’t. Unless I have missed or overlooked something …

Thanks for your help!

Tried just that in your read-only and it was possible.

Thank you for lookin into this. However, I am not sure if we are talking about the same thing. If you have a look at the included screenshot you will see that it seems not to be possible to rename sec-content 2 to just sec-content. If I remove the class sec-content 2 and replace it with sec-content the class inspector indicates that this class is in use 4 times on this particular page. Which is clearly not the case. Again, this does not only apply to this particular class but to many other classes throughout the website as well.

One more thing, classes which are not in use at all sometimes take a randomly long time (e.g. 1 day) to appear in the unused classes panel.

What am I missing?



Update - problems partly solved:

  • Added unused class “example” to element (This is the class which was indicated as already in use - even though it wasn’t)

  • Renamed unused class example to example-test

  • Deleted example-test

  • Added class “example 2” to element (which was copied form another project)

  • Renamed example 2 to “example

The strange thing is that renaming classes sometimes worked and sometimes not. During the problem solving process I created additional test classes (not in use!) to see if they are showing up in the unused styles pane. So far, they are not showing up! I have cleared the browser cache multiple times, restarted computer etc etc. (using Safari btw)

To me the style manager is buggy and it cost me a tremendous amount of time to make some simple changes to a project. Copying styles from one project to another using Webflow is an improvised solution at best…

Since I am anything else than happy with how this works I want to add another piece of feedback/critic. Since Webflow aims at non coders your team should consider adding the option to style additional viewports in the Designer. As for right now you have to go to the tedious process of using the inspect element to target additional viewports manually… Will carefully evaluate if Wordpress is a better solution for certain projects.

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