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Duplicate class not working anymore

Hello everyone,

It seems that Webflow had recently updated the class duplication and it’s totally breaking it on my websites.

Here is the problem:
I select a previously created element (in my case I’ve tried only with div component) and I click on the duplicate class button, then I rename it with a totally unused name class. Great I can see my new class created and associated with my component. Then I wait a little bit to see the green check mark to be sure my modification is saved. Once it turn green I refresh the page… And here is the problem! My component doesn’t have any class associated to it and my newly created class doesn’t exist.

This is for me a huge problem I’m working on websites that really need this feature in every day life for development.

Please add your share link here and copy a link to your website that you are having this issue on.

From there we can take a look.

Hi @Quentin_Danjou

I did some testing but was unable to reproduce the issue as described. Can you please share your Read-Only link as @WebDev_Brandon mentioned?

Here are the steps I took:

  1. Add a div
  2. Give class name div block
  3. Copy / paste div block
  4. Select new copy, and duplicate class
  5. Rename new class to div block copy
  6. Save changes, refresh page

After these steps both divs still had the correct class names of div block and div block copy.

​Thanks in advance, and I’m standing by for your reply

Hi Brando,

Sorry for the delay.

I’ve created a new site project to reproduce the bug in a minimal site:

If you try to duplicate class ‘foo’ into an already non-existing class name and wait for save then refresh the page you will see the bug happening.

Your process is correct but you need to add div child to that div.

I hope you will find it soon this bug affect all my current company’s websites and it’s slowing a lot the creation process.

Thanks for providing this extra information @Quentin_Danjou

We were able to reproduce the issue and our team is looking into this. It looks like you can workaround this for now by pressing CMD+S (CTRL on Windows) after duplicating a class. This manual save will ensure the change is properly saved.

Thanks for your patience and we’ll report back when we have more information for you.


Hi, did you try with the loops at the end path code, working fine with that for me.


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