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Selector Naming & Duplicating Class Not Working As It Should Be!


I gave a name to a div block but in next two pictures it still says “Div Block” which is annoying me!

Is this my mistake or what ?


Webflow_-_Lasiea 2

Webflow_-_Lasiea 3

2 ND problem is this;

Before duplicating any class.

After duplicating any class.

the changing items are setup like this ;

Every time I duplicate something, this happens. Then I need the refresh my browser again and again and again. It is not actually breaking anything. But looks annoying.

Please somebody help! I do no think this is my fault.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi @Dogukan_Uzak,

What sites are you seeing this issue occur in? When did it start occurring? Can you send me the site Read-Only links please?

Can you please try the following:

(1) Try to reproduce the error while being logged into Webflow using Incognito mode with browser extensions turned off:

(2) If the problem persists, please take a screenshot of your Console and send it to me:

Thanks in advance.

still happening in incognito chrome. normally I was using safari.

@cyberdave something similar is happening in my project too.

any leads to what is happening ?

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