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Creating a duplicate site from existing site question

In a short amount of time, I am really beginning to love Webflow.

Anyway, I have a general question about creating a duplicate site. When I am in my dashboard and I click the dots next to the site plan, which brings up the options like this: Screenshot by Lightshot

If I then click Duplicate what will happen? I know it’s supposed to create a duplicate site. However, I have a template which I purchased for this site that I want to duplicate. The template is a one site license. Can I move the license to the new site? If yes, that in theory means that old site/subdomain is lost or destroyed right? Because you can’t install another site or template into an existing site in Webflow.

Can someone with a bit more experience confirm if my logic or assumptions above are correct? Or not.

Also, while we are here, the folder option means you can organise your sites into folders, correct?

I know these are very basic questions, but I just wanted to make sure. Thank you.