"Duolingo" type of (dynamic) survey – How is it possible to gather all the data from each question?

Hello there,

I want to create a mini-website where users can fill out a survey, but this survey will not look like a standard one, with standard input fields and so on. What I wanted to do was create a dynamic survey that made the user feel like they were on Duolingo or Babbel.

It’s similar to Typeform, but it’s more visually appealing.

So, basically, one “page” for each question - and there are logical questions within the survey as well. I’m not sure how to collect the data because it’s not a standard form, and I’m not sure how to code it.

I also did a Figma prototype for it, but I haven’t moved it into Webflow yet.

Could someone help me out with it? :frowning: I have tried many ways of searching for this, but got nothing so far…