Job advice: custom poll and results

Hi Webflow experts

I’m an individual working on a project that needs an online survey, and I’m looking for some web/product engineering help (paid obviously).

I’ve played with Typeform, Jotform, google sheets, but they don’t really do what I need. Add to this, I’m not an engineer, am relatively time poor, and I want to do this in the coming weeks.

So, before DMing anyone I’m keen to understand considerations and options for a solution like the one below, which will also give me an idea of who is interested.

DORA survey webpage at Google (DORA | DORA Quick Check)

The features I’m seeing I need are:

  • List of X questions (have got a Jotform license and been using this, trying to pass URL params to a no code chart…DOH)
  • On submit, immediately (i.e. local speed) replace questions with a visual bar chart showing ‘where you are compared to everyone else’…visualise deviation, average, your score on a bar…and give an overall score of some kind
  • Includes a filtering option, in this case ‘industry’…less important
  • Also shows a new survey below this (it’s the next part of their funnel etc)

It’s obviously not a direct copy I’m looking for, for instance the ‘score’ will probably be a couple of variables etc

Just looking for size and shape of solution, and availability at this stage

If all goes well, there will probably be follow on work along the lines of (including this as it’s a consideration…could you/would you be interested in this type of thing):

  • Animate the visuals, make them interactive
  • Challenge someone else to the take it, show both challenger / taker results in visualisation
  • Be able to take the survey again at later date and compare results against previous…so a need for a unique ID, timeline reminder, additional visualisation
  • Build a ‘group’ version, tallying numbers in different ways…so a completely additional version on another page

Hey Russell, I’ll drop you a direct message.

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Hi Russell
Hope you are doing well
I have read your requirement and would assist you with that same.
Let connect for further discussion.


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Hi Russell,
If you are still on the lookout to hire someone, I would be glad to help you out as what you are wanting done is within my skillset
You can reach out to me on my email here

Hi folks,

Apologies for taking days to comment, wasn’t kidding about being time poor.

I’ve got an opportunity to trial what I need on paper (a f2f workshop) so am going to do that and then firm up the design at that point.

For transparency I’ve asked folks who have contacted me to share how they like to work, how they charge (not an estimate, obvs!), and a link to any relevant work. I’ll select a few people to chat to at some point, and let everyone know either way directly.

I hadn’t planned to turn this in to some sort of procurement process but hopefully I’m being open and fair. Please let me know if I’m not and I’ll try to do better.