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Can I create a "user test" in Webflow?

I am going to create a web application where the client wants the users to answer a number of questions. As a result of their answers, they will be directed to a different page on the site, just like one of those tests that are on Facebook and other sites. Of course they are free to look at the other pages as well, it is more like a fun game to classify them in different segments.

I have no idea how to this or if it is possible within Webflow. Could anyone please help me?

There is nothing to show since I haven’t started the process yet.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Welcome @cecilia! You can search “Multi step form” in the forum and you’ll find some solutions.

Thanks! I will definitely do that. I searched all sorts of things but with no result.

Check up this one, I think it is what you need:

Thanks! I just saw it and it is exactly what I’m looking for. However, I don’t know how to process the answers to the questions. They are supposed to lead to different sections in the website …

You always can contact @AlexN and ask him for help or advice. Just you will have to wait till next week, because currently he is not available. At the moment you can clone his site and try to play around and find out how it works :wink:

Thanks a lot!
I will see what I find out by studying his site, and then, hopefully, he can give me some advice when he is back.

Thanks again!

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