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Creating a quizz

Does anyone have experience creating / coding a quizz in webflow? I’d like users to answer a few questions on one page, and depending on their answers, for them to be direct to a different page (relevant to their answers) when they click “submit”.

There will be approx 10-15 questions and approx. 5 different answer-page permutations.

I could obviously embed a typeform questionnaire, but would ideally like to avoid it if I can.

Many thanks

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Hey @bkmat !

Check out to see if that might be suitable for your needs!

Thanks for the suggestion @StevenP ! I was more after something that can be plugged into my website and gives users an immediate output. So less about data gathering, more about filtering content for users based on their preferences/answers.

It may be that no specific tool / plugin exists for this, in which case I’d be curious to know how easily that can be added with code!

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