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Can I make Dynamic Forms?

Hi Folks,

I’ve looked around for this, but no juice. If this is a duplicate topic, please let me know.

I’m wanting to make a dynamic form in webflow. Not sure if this is the correct terminology but in coding terms I want to make a form built around interactions with the user.

So to give this idea, I’ve built a tree.

Form has 3 options, A, B and C.

Clicking on A, focuses on A, and the form expands to present options A1, A2, A3

Clicking on B, focuses on B, and the form expands to present options B1, B2, B3

Clicking on C, focuses on C, and the form expands to present options C1, C2, C3

The sub options 1,2,3 are hidden until a user interaction happens, kinda like this idea here:

Does anyone get what I mean and know how I could do it in Webflow? Would really appreciate the help.

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Im very new but typeform is an awesome form creator

I would say to combine the functionality of a dropdown with your forms. Create a series of forms activated by different dropdown selections. There is no need (as far as I understand your example) for the form to be selected specifically by another form element.

Thanks Cricitem! I did figure on something like that, and it can work reasonably with that. But from a marketing standpoint, a dynamic form is nicer in terms of the illusion of interactiveness - like asking names, and using them in questions later, remembering options chosen and asking questions specific to the options chosen and so on.

Like if I was to do this in bash for example, I would use if, or, andif functions, with some expressions based on user input. But my coding abilities are rudimentary at best with JS - one of the reasons why I like webflow so much.

Another recommendation for Typeform here. It has logic jumps so you can use conditional logic. It also can pass the answer from one question to feed into further questions, (a person’s name for example). Mobile friendly too. Well worth checking out, particularly if your form has a lot of questions and branches.


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