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Need Help to Export Template Purchase

Hello everyone,

I have purchased the template easy times for 49 dollars.
Where are the files that I have purchased? (pages and script files?)
I cannot see any way to download them.

If I cannot download what I have bought, can I get a refund?:worried:

You purchased a Template for webflow which you can use within the Webflow Editor. If your template wasn’t for Webflow CMS and you have an account on a paid plan you can export all of the files in within the webflow editor by clicking on the export code button located at the top right. If you purchased a Webflow CMS enabled template you unfortunately won’t be able to export the code.

This was not at all clear on the buying page.
I have “purchased” the template then it is MINE, and I am free for me to do what I what or wish with it.
I bought the template to publish on my registered domain which I have with another hosting service.
I really feel that I have been ripped off.
I seriously question the legality of selling something to someone and then not delivering the goods

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Hi @Pepe_Paco_Tarifa Sorry about the confusion about our template marketplace. I’m happy to process a refund for you. Can you please email me at ?

I’ll be standing by for the email.

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