Double opt-in process for Webflow forms

Hi. I haven’t found any information on this topic on the forum. Could anybody confirm if it is possible to create a double opt-in process with webflow forms? It seems that it is only possible using integrations to other form services like Mailchimp or Jobform.


Hey Daniel,

Your question is a bit too vague to point you in the right direction.
I’m assuming that by double opt-in you’re referring specifically to form-collected email address that then receives a confirmation email that must be clicked to confirm it’s valid?

There’s nothing native in Webflow to;

  • Send an email to arbitrary email recipients
  • Manufacture an ID’d link
  • Capture that ID’d link-click and mark the original form submission as verified.

How you build this depends a lot on where you’re storing the form submission record, and the interface options you have.

For example, if you’re putting them in AirTable, you can use as the automation. You’d have one scenario process the form submission, create the Airtable record, and send the email. You’d have a second scenario handle the email link-click, find and update the corresponding Airtable record, and then redirect the user to a thank you page.