Linking a form to Sign Up button without asking for email again

Hi Folks!

On my landing page, I have a “Get Early Access” button which people click on after entering their email. Post that I would like to create a step where I ask 1-2 questions based on which they’re either able to block an onboarding slot (e.g., via calendly / hubspot), or we let users know that we don’t support their software at this time.

The problem I’m running into is that a tool like Hubspot (eventual destination for this data) needs email address as an input. I don’t want to ask people for their emails twice, nor do I want to force them to see / answer multiple qs in order to submit their emails.

Ideal flow looks like this:

  1. Submit email and click get early access
  2. Redirect to a form asking screener questions
  3. Based on response you either get a sorry message, or can block time on my calendly (from the same page so there isn’t a second redirect)

Does anyone have experience with this? I’d love to get your input!