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Disable Double Opt-in with Mailchimp Integration


I integrated Mailchimp in Webflow and it works like a charm. Unfortunately, we always have the “double opt-in” process.
which means when someone signs up using the form, he receives a confirmation email

We can’t disable it with mailchimp settings, only using the API.
See this post :

Is there any way to do this in Webflow ? Or any workaround ?

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Hi @bestelgram, that is an excellent question. However, at this time Webflow does not have any provisions to allow PHP code to be run on the projects due to security concerns.

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Hi Do you have any updates on this? I found that Webflow can integrate this very easy.

If you implement this into the api code with a checkbox that allows user to turn off Double-Opt in:

Status = subscribed - box is checked
Status = pending - box is unchecked

Oh and here is the link to the new API 3.0 for Mailchimp

Any updates on this?