Dotted Designs - Online Marketing Firm Website

Hi All,

This is our company website that we built on webflow.

What do you think?
Also any suggestions welcome.



Hello, glad webflow was helpful,


  • More padding from one element to the other ( like big images to the text under it or on top of it. )
  • Try a different color just for the icons or just for the Title, or maybe smaller icons
  • Change the color of the black lines that dived the page ( make them light gray, I know you are trying to use your logo colors )
  • Take out the " and more" just give padding.
  • On the section with the red background rethink the image used, to much in you face and not that pleasant ( maybe a blurry red background )
  • On the main big image under the logo, make the text “FOLLOW THE DOTS” much bigger and do not use italic for “move forward” do that only with a font like Georgia

Hope it helps

I understand the concept of three main colors, but you should add one more to make the website less grayscale-alike. That’s just my first tought. Typography for paragraphs elements doesn’t look good on all screens…

Good job on the site. Its solid.