Donde Esta My "Register for Your Tickets" text on Mobile?

What could be the reasoning behind the fact that my “Register your tickets” text is MIA on a mobile screen but present on the others?

Also, when I expand the “mobile” tab as well as the others (the little tab in the middle of each device on the right hand side) things shift a bit. (My logo layers especially) Should I be concerned about this?
The tab I’m referring too:


Unfortunately have to pop out right now but upon taking a very cursory glance at it for you your paragraph text in mobile view is first of all set to hidden in the inspector.

That didn’t fix it though so I tried placing a new paragraph of text into the DIV that contains yours at the moment and that works fine. I did notice some positioning options such as fixed on that paragraph which I don’t believe it needs and also it wasn’t sitting well in the containing DIV either. Might need to look over all the settings for that paragraph to see exactly what’s causing it though.

Not sure about the tab issue.

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Hello @Allix_Hannah

I noticed that the heading on your project is hidden on mobile portrait:

The best thing to test the breakpoints of your projects is doing it in a real device. Once I read that as a web designer one of the best investments that we have to make is devices so theres no way to make a mistake having them, I know that could be a little expensive so I recommend tools like this:

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One other thing before I head out. It’s a bit of a doo-hicky one this unless I’m missing something so obvious.

As soon as you click on the mobile view in the designer the paragraph (for some reason currently unbeknownst to me!) moves to the very top of the page.

For this reason I just very quickly deleted the class that you had on that paragraph of text just to test something out and it still moves to the top of the page!!!

Very very weird indeed. Placing a new paragraph of text into the DIV doesn’t have the same effect though and that stays put.

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Even weirder is if I then re-applied that same get tickets text class to the new paragraph of text then it behaves itself (more or less although that’s more down to positioning problems I think).

So basically I believe there’s something exceptionally weird going on with that text paragraph unless I’m going crazy or something!!

Anyway, hopefully you’ll get it all sorted out before I get back in again. Will check in later to see what the issue was.

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Thank you for this - I would love to test test and TEST on all of the devices I have! But this isn’t possible unless the site is live, is that right?

Either way, I’m going to check out that website as well. My usual go-to is a Chrome Extension called the Responsive Web Design Tester.

Thank you:)

Hmm, thanks Mark! I’m going to have to take a second glance at this quirky thing…

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