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Odd behavior with Elements disappearing on Mobile (new link)

Hey everyone,

Hope your weekend went well! I recently exported and published my site to and am seeing some elements disappearing on certain mobile phones. For example on my end, using an android phone, the wesbite renders as I see it in the designer preview. However, when my friend checked it out on his iPhone (both Safari AND Chrome), certain elements are “disappearing” at random.

For example, I have included some screenshots below. I have checked my display styles for each element on desktop through mobile and none of the elements in question are Display: None. An odd instance of this is where I have three of the same paragraphs with the same style displaying on the phone. Two of them will show but one of them occasionally doesn’t display (screenshot 1). Additionally, in screenshot 2 (red circle), I have a text span that is supposed to be bolded text. It renders fine on my end but for some reason it disappears on my friends’ iPhone; it is set as Display: Inline. The button text on that screenshot also shows the text isn’t vertically centered despite being aligned to center vertically in flexbox.

There are more instances of random elements disappearing from the occasional header, to some videos, to random paragraphs. I’m not sure what would be causing this because many of the disappearing elements do not have interactions connected to them and the website seems to render completely as expected on my android phone.

Any input, help, effort is appreciated! Please let me know if you have any ideas as to what I may have missed/done incorrectly. Thank you!

First off - the Webflow read only link does not work :slight_smile:
Second - are you using the same typeface in all the instances? Is it a special typeface?
New to Webflow but have experienced something similar in other cases.

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Hi Baadtase,
Thanks for replying; I’ve edited my post to include a new preview link. I’ve uploaded the Gotham typeface files and occasionally use Gotham Book for clarity.

Looks like you fixed it?
Nice site :slight_smile:

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Hey again,
Does it look fixed on your end? I’m not able to test on iPhones rn so it would be great if you could let me know if it looks alright on your device.
Thanks :grin:

Hi again
Just a report :wink:

Tested on iPhone
We are…
Team overview
Does not show

Paragraph about software does not show

Label text on:
About us
Meet the team
Learn more
Does not show

Text on button: See our Sponsors is missing upper half - the same goes for titles in the footer - but this is visible in Webflow as well.

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Thank you again! This report is pretty helpful. I guess I’ll try to fix it but I have to figure out what’s causing stuff to disappear lol