Domain name switch has broken webmail

Hi there,

I had my webflow site setup with a custom domain and everything was working well, but I then realized that it had broken my webmail. Our site was being hosted by funio with an all inclusive plan, dns management/hosting, when I changed the DNS records all our e-mail was broken. I don’t think there is any way around this, if there is I probably need to contact Funio but as their support team is in most ways lacking, I thought I’d ask here first.

Thanks to anyone who can help me.

Hi @NField, sorry to hear that you’re having trouble.

In our domain setup instructions (, we only ask you to change your A and CNAME records, which should leave your MX records unchanged. It sounds like Funio does not respect that, and for that reason we highly recommend that you have your domain name registered with (or transferred to) a 3rd party registrar (e.g. Namecheap, GoDaddy, etc).

If possible, see if Funio can give you details about what they changed with your MX (mail) records. If they are also hosting your email on their servers, it’s their job to preserve that (assuming that you continue paying them). Unfortunately there’s not much we can do on that front since we have no visibility into their infrastructure :\

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This can also happen if you’ve had hosting elsewhere, MX records set up on a host account (separate from where the domain is managed), and then switch to Webflow hosting. Those MX records on the independent host will no longer work because the domain is no longer pointed there.

The fix in this case is to update the MX records now where the domain is managed, as opposed to the (now old) host.

I ran into this issue and realized that’s what happened. Hope it helps anyone else googling the problem.