Lost my site email after pointing pre-existing domain to Webflow

Beginner’s Level issue:

Didn’t see this addressed in the Forum so am offering my experience here. The Webflow video, charming and funny as it is, didn’t quite cover everything. I did successfully point my domain (hosted at name.com) to Webflow by changing the 2 A-types and the CNAME, but not the MX. The transfer worked great and happened immediately. Hoo ha!

Then however, I discovered that while my outgoing emails from this domain account continued to send fine, I no longer received emails in its inbox.

The name.com support desk sent me this:

If you are using your hosting for email only, and your A records (for hosting your website) are pointing somewhere else, you will need slightly different DNS records. You will need to modify

| MX | smallwhisky.com | mail.smallwhisky.com | 300 | 10

and add a new A type:

| A | mail.smallwhisky.com | [your hosting IP address] | 300 | N/A

Your hosting IP address can be found in the web hosting dashboard.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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