DNS changes cause email issues

I’m considering moving some of my sites to Webflow hosting. Currently, they are all developed in Webflow, then exported and uploaded to my current provider.

I did a test move with a site, making the DNS Zone changes as directed. After DNS propagation, the Webflow version of the site was live, however, the DNS changes caused a strange error with my email. Basically, I could not send/receive email with Thunderbird, I would get an authentication error. However, my phone’s email app still was able to send/receive. I checked with Webmail, and the test emails I’d sent to myself were all there.

Certainly not a Webflow issue in itself, but was just wondering if anyone else had experienced email issues after switching to Webflow hosting.

Great question, @sebrame, regarding DNS configurations for Webflow sites.

In most instances when configuring your DNS settings to point a custom domain to a Webflow hosted site, the only records which should be updated are two A records for the root domain, and the CNAME record for any particular subdomain (most often www).

This should not interfere with Email configurations.

Can you please try contacting your Registrar/DNS provider to get your Email reconfigured if those settings were changed?

Also, please let me know which guide you were following and which registrar you’re performing the configurations with if possible.

I was following the University link that you provided. Those records are the only ones that I changed.

Since it seems that the only issue was within Thunderbird, I’m suspecting something wrong there. I’ve had to return the DNS settings back to their original state. When I get a few hours to test, I’ll set it up again and test with another email client.

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Thank you so much for the follow-up, @sebrame

Please keep me posted! Also, our Support team is the best team to contact for any custom domain/DNS issues. We’re here to help and launched a new support page/contact experience. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: