Domain Connection Issues

I was wondering if someone could help me fix this issue I am having. When I try to connect my custom domain to a project it says “That domain is already connected to a webflow site”. It does not let me connect my custom domain to the project that I want it connected to. I am ready to go live and publish the project. I’ve been trying to fix this since yesterday after spending hours prepping the site.

The domain I want to connect was connected to a project that I was working on, but never published. I deleted that project and created a new one that I wish to connect to now. It appears the domain is still connected somehow to the project that I deleted. I deleted the DNS settings at namecheap that were pointing to the webflow project.

I heard back from support but as of yet they were no help. I thought maybe I could call them to explain the situation better but I can’t find a number. I am hoping someone else has had this issue and can help me. I really don’t want to use another website builder!

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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This has been resolved.

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Hi @trgerman76!

I have the same issue here. How did you solve it? Could you please help me?

Eve Kayser

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