Can't connect Domain

My client had someone working on their site and they connected their domain to a Webflow website on their account

We don’t have access to that account and at first when I tried to connect the domain it said this domain is already being used on a Webflow account

Then now it just says Invalid Domain

Does anyone know what we can do to get their domain connected without being able to access the other account? We have full access to the DNS through Google DOmains

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Contact webflow support here.

They’re the only ones who could help you. You may need to prove that you own the domain, etc.
I’m assuming this isn’t a common issue in Webflow as standard procedure would be to do a TXT record domain-ownership verification the way Google does.

However that’s a pain the butt, slows things down immeasurably, and would generate half a million support calls. Per day.