Domain and Webflow

Hi guys! How are you?
I’m new here and I just completed my first Webflow domain.
I just transferred my client domain into Google domain but before I do anything wrong I have a question regarding this email I got from the previous company.

"When you transfer, make sure to set (or delegate) the nameservers to the following in order to keep website and email traffic active:


When you make the new site live, get the nameserver/DNS details from your new host and then apply it to the domain. Please find attached an extract of the domain’s current DNS entries for your records."

Can someone help me to understand how to do it?
I’m scare that they email may not work anymore…

Thank you in advance

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hey @Neil_Turner!

Welcome to Webflow!

Was your domain previously using cloudflare?

If you share the domain name, we can check the records propagating publicly and give some guidance for sure!

You can also follow the Uni lesson for this: Connecting to a custom domain with Google Domains | Webflow University

Or contact support if you get stuck :slight_smile: Hosting and Domains - Set up a custom domain