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Problems with custom domains and DNS

Hi, this might be a newbie problem, but I can’t figure it out.

I’m using a custom domain for my Webflow site, but I also need to create e-mails using that domain. To create emails I usually add the domain from my Registrar to a hosting service (like Bluehost) and then I create emails from there.

But now I need to point my domain to Webflows DNS servers for the site to work. So I won’t be able to point it to my hosting service and create e-mails. How do I solve this?


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Actually yes. You point different things from your registrar, to address web, mail, ftp etc…

If you domain is already set for emails, adding at your registrars’ what webflow require to link the site will not affect your email routing at all. Web and mail work on different declarations/protocols.

If your domain is brand new, follow the requirements from webflow, then the one from the mail service, everything should run together at some point.

disclaimer: I’m super bad at registrars and domains settings but I don’t think I said wrong things above :smile:

Thanks Vincent, the domain is brand new so I actually need to set everything up. I’m gonna try setting up the email first and then following Webflow instructions. If anyone can help me with specific tips I’d be much appreciated.

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