Webflow Workshop #129: A sneak peek at Grid in Webflow

Join us live on Tuesday, September 18th at 10am (pacific)
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Grid in Webflow unlocks powerful layout controls that enable you to create unique, responsive web experiences. Grid in Webflow is the first production-level visual UI for building with CSS grid, and it unlocks a new set of layouts that were not possible — or were very difficult and painful to achieve — with flexbox, columns, floats, and other existing options. Grid in Webflow also introduces direct on-canvas manipulation, which allows you to work directly with the grid you’re building.

In this workshop, we’ll be joined by Product Manager, Linda Pham. @Lindapham has been leading the Grid project and will be giving a demo on how it works.


Ohhhh, boy, I’ve been dreaming about this day since last year when Grid was announced.

It will change everything. Can’t wait!


The Grid
A web design frontier
I tried to picture DIVs as they stretch
across the viewport.
How would they work
across tablets, mobile phones
would the styling be easy?
I kept dreaming of a workflow I thought I’d never see.
But one day
Webflow added it in


Awesome :blue_heart:

hahaha, that was epic dude!

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