DNS verification failed - DNS settings and domain from netlify

Hi there,

I have my DNS settings with netlify (where I also bought the domain) and then connected this custom domain to my webflow site using this approach by adding A and CNAME records to my DNS settings on netlify about 2 months ago. Everything has worked up to now.

However, now I get the following message on netlify:

My DNS settings look as follows:

Will the certificate actually expire tonight or is this now handled by Webflow? “Enable SSL” is “On” in my webflow site settings.

Netlify replied the following to my inquiry:

“… you’d have to take your domain out of Netlify (in your name.com ) account and then you’d have to re-configure all your DNS in that. Then you can use that domain on Webflow or anything else without any problem. If that’s not possible, you would have to use the domain on Netlify. I have heard there are some adapters of some kind for Webflow that can convert your website which can be hosted on Netlify, maybe you can try that?”

Is that the only way I can solve this problem?

Any help is appreciated!

My read-only link is this one.