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Cursor manipulation

How can i change the cursor:hover for a DIV? I have a list and i want the cursor hover for each element. Is that possible??

You mean the HAND cursor for the links? Yes. Drag a link block into each of your list item and put the item content inside.

Dont work for me. My list element has texts and some absolute elements inside. So when i put it inside of a link, its inner contet lose the styles and assumes a link attribs. I just want to chose the cursor pointer for the li. And after i can js to a link.

It shouldn’t be the case. It should work flawlessly. Can you share your public link?

You can still add custom CSS to do that, but adding css to invoke a hand cursor and adding the link by JS? Why would that be required?

Have a look at the Vagas list. The first element is with link. See how its altered.


That’s an easy fix. Give a class to your link element and in the Typography panel you click on decoration:none on the bottom right.

It Worked! Thanks! Iwas trying doing that with the inside elements.

The link block is going to add this property to any text under it, because text by default have nothing set-up for decorations. They “inherit” the rule until a more specific rule is given to them. Logically you could have done the same thing by putting the decoration:none to the text elements…

edit:I’m wrong :slight_smile:

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decoration:none wasnt working for title and paragraph

Actually setting text-decoration: none on the elements inside of a link won’t remove the underline. You’ll have to select the actual link and set it to none for the text inside to not be underlined.