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Div block transform to Link block

Please, I’d like to see in webflow an option of changing a “div block” for a “link block”. Often I decide to add link in my div, and have to change and redo everything.

now i’m build an agenda, and I need to change all divs to link (31 divs …)


Thanks for the feedback @lucaspchara! We’re thinking of adding a lot of shortcuts to the settings panel for elements. I’ll let you know when we launch some updates on this front.


Great idea.

When you want to convert a Div Block to a Link Block you now have to drop in a new Link Block, add the same class as the prvious Div Block and then move all content from the Div Block to the Link Block.

Quite a tedious job.

I’m sure there will be a feature to change an element’s type soon.

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Yiou don’t need to redo everything… drag a link block close to your div and simply put your entire dic in. IE don’t transform divs into link block, nest them into link blocks. If you set no visual parameter sor link blocks, it will have no visual impact. And HTML/CSS speaking it’s totally OK to do that.

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Yes @thesergie I don’t know what you call shortcuts, but I’ve been asking for the ability to “wrap” existing elements into a new one a few times already. Especially for links… like I have a whole structure selected, I clik on Link Block and my structure is wrapped into a link block


That’s a great idea! So you’re saying if you have something selected and then click on the Link Block element in the add panel (instead of drag) it will wrap the selected element in a new link block? I think this behavior should probably be secondary to it being added after the selected element (current behavior) through some shortcut like CMD (or CTRL) click.


You’re reading my mind. I think the current behavior shouldn’t be altered as it’s consistent across the whole UI: 1 click means adding after the selected element). So a wildcard should be added, wether it’s shift, ctrl or alt…

This need concerns the Link Block mainly, but if we can also wrap divs, containers and sections, this will be awesome! I consider that NESTING is a good thing in our world, it makes code solid, reusable, easy to read, compatible with more browsers. So everything you do making nesting easier is good for WF and your users UX.

I could not resist pushing the enveloppe a bit on that thought:

(url of the image is

UI Speaking, what would be neat is if I press the CTRL key when the add panel is open, icons and mention change slightly to reflect the new roles… this way, it also teaches users what they can do with other widgets too.


I WANT THAT!! I was just making a post to address this issue. For example, I was just told by @Waldo that empty link blocks (interaction triggers) hurt SEO. But I want the cursor to be a link cursor. Using link blocks was the only option before cursors. Now that cursors are available, i’d like to just change the link blocks into divs and apply cursors. As it is now, I’ll have to recreate tons of Divs.

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I had a custom code in my custom code stack to address that, so I was starting every action container with a .action-wrapper DIV. Was convenient. I still name my action containers like this :smiley:

I forgot about this post from a year ago and forgot how far I had thought this… I want it too :smiley:

Well can’t you create what I said, an .action_wrapper div, affect it the cursor you want, and then nest inside it any group you want? Nesting is totally OK, and you won’t have anything to recreate, just divs to paste and groups to drag in.

I have zero clue what you mean. I am not a coder and the site is hosted on webflow.

I meant create a div, give it a class like .action_wrapper, set the “hand” cursor on it.

Now anytime you want an element or group of element to get a hadn cursor, grad a div close to it, give it the class we just said, and drag the element or group inside it. Now the element or group gets the link cursor.

Right, but as my site is now, there are link blocks already to do that. Deleting them and adding new non link blocks will take a lot of time.