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Displaying personalised content

Hello everyone,

I’m a total newbie to Webflow so i would really appreciate your advice.

Are there any plugins or integrations for displaying personalised content? What I mean by that is displaying content (to a logged in user) that is relevant to them.

An example would be the following…

  1. I sign up
  2. I answer some screening questions (possibly in Type-form or similar)
  3. Based on my answers I’m shown articles that are relevant to me on my home page.

What is the best way for me to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

@Jimmy_Hopton - welcome to the forums. I would not look at using Webflow since this is really not a good use case for the product. Deep personalization requires dynamically served content ( if-else then) logic. Webflow generates static content on publish; not on page load, per user.

Hi @Jimmy_Hopton Welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

You might be able to do this with a integration into your Webflow project. But I’m not 100% certain.

Hope this helps


Thanks @webdev, appreciate your advice :+1:

Thanks @PixelGeek I’ll look into MemberStack, looks interesting :+1:

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Thanks, @PixelGeek! Welcome to the community Jimmy :smiley:

It depends on how many variations of personalized content you need. Can you go into a bit more detail for us? I.e. how many categories of articles are there, how many screening questions / possible combinations are there, etc.

If there are only a few possible categories I think this will be really easy. If there are a bunch… its still possible but may require additional code.

@Jimmy_Hopton this definitely looks doable to me.

I just figured out how to, and created a screencast for, the foundation of exactly what you describe:

The 2 missing pieces:

  1. The form on the welcome page that everyone must fill out after signing up. But… I do have the welcome page defaulted as the first page every new user lands on with the tutorial above.

  2. Adding the form answers to the Members database (Webflow CMS Collection) and then filtering the blog posts based upon those answers.

Did you come up with a solution for this?

If interested, I think I could quickly whip up a screencast walking through how to create the 2 missing pieces.


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@Jimmy_Hopton I ended up solving your problem and creating a 30 minute step-by-step walk through on how to make it happen will the 2 pieces I was previously missing:

This video is in the post linked above.

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I’m currently trying to work out the best way to do none-logged-in personalisation using visitor data from marketing tools (primarily HubSpot). Hit me up if you’re interested in discussing.


Hi Paul,

I’m very interested on the topic. Actually, I’m just facing the exact same challenge.
Since your post was posted on February, have you moved forward?