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Creating dynamic content on webflow

Hi Folks,

Our team have just started using Webflow as our CMS, and we’re looking to create dynamic content for our landing pages.

Here are some of the features we’re looking to do:

  • Recognise and allow a page to be manipulated by a technology ie cognitive learning technology (this is what powers the decision on the page)
  • Have the ability to dynamically change pages based on said technology ie technology says serve a lifestyle image for this person and webflow can call from a creative repository to action this
  • Have the ability to dynamically change sections based on said technology ie technology says for this person have this image and this CTA button
  • Have the ability to dynamically change copy on the page based off external factors ie pull in search keywords from relevant search terms “personal loan” term appears in copy on the page
  • Same features for mobile and desktop

Does anyone know if this possible with Webflow?


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Thanks for the reply Jeff! Is there a naitive functionality in Webflow that can do this?

What you want is not really that clear to me. Looks almost like you are pasting in specs from an RFI.

If you are looking for deep personalization / or logic flows you define to render content, no there are none in webflow.

Hi Jeff, sorry about this, let me clarify. One use case we’re looking at is:

1, We post an Ad on Facebook that lands customers to a Landpage created in Webflow
2, When the customer lands on the page, we identify the user via a parameter in the URL.
3, We will show / hide certain Symbols from the URL param

Is this something that’s doable via webflow?

Hey Jeff, are there any tools or plugins that we can use that can do personalisation?

Webflow supports embedding html and custom code that runs client side. When paired with dynamic cms pages, you have lots of options.

There is no end user management within webflow. You can act on parameters with JavaScript, after the page renders using custom code.

Aside from the fact that you can use the CMS to create template based pages and dynamically generate content from what is known to webflow, you have no other access to the backend rendering. There is no dynamic server side programming language to access. If you can use tools that work off the client side, or front end API’s then those are your limits.

There are integrations happening on the e-commerce side. Here is an article about using Facebook’s pixel.