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Does anyone know why my “Blog post” category is not showing up on my first blog post “hello”? I have the copy in the field on the back end on the designer and editor, but after it’s published, the text does not show.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

You need to create an actual field for the category to show. Simply make a text box and style it however you want and say get text from blog category name. You can even make this a separate link that leads to a category page for that category that you build. Nothing is automatic in webflow for the CMS, it’s totally modular so you have to build everything manually. Hope that helps!

I have a similar issue, but I’ve created the Category field. But, I created it using Multiple References as I want to have multiple categories for each blog post. I see my categories in the Category field in my settings, but there is no Categories option in the pulldown menu list when I insert a text block on the page. Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi @matt.bryant

Can you post your read-only link and point us to the page too, then we can take a look at the settings for you:

Update: If I set up the Category field as a single reference type, I can choose from the categories in my categories collection and it works fine. But if I set up the field as a Multiple References type, I cannot see the option to choose any categories from the text block pull down. So how do you set up categories from a multiple references source on a text block, i.e. so that you can display multiple categories for a blog post?

Hi @matt.bryant

I think the reason for that is you need to have an individual text block for each category, so it’s only allowing you to pull the data from a ‘single’ reference field rather than ‘multi’.

If it were able to pull the name of each multi ref item into one text block - I guess there would be issues with how to separate the text data - spaces, commas, also which order etc.

Here’s how to get this working:

  • Instead of using the ‘static’ blog page that you have created, use the purple ‘Blog Post Template’ page. This creates a new page for each blog post based on your styling.
  • Place those items (copy/paste) into this ‘template’ page but NOT part of a collection list
  • Where you want to display the multiple categories - do use a collection list here
  • Connect it to Blog posts, drop in a text element, connect the text element to the Multi ref
  • With a little styling work you have a multi-list of categories for that specific blog post

Hope that’s useful?

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Thanks for the tips! I will try this method and see if I can get my blog up and running. Worst case, I will just use one of the free starter blog templates and revise it as needed. Cheers

There’s definitely a bit of a learning curve to grasp what the CMS can do, and crucially how to set up for varied use cases, but once you’ve got used to it you’ll be flying.

Even opening one of those blog templates in the read-only state can be useful - you can take a look at the structure being used and replicate in your own if you don’t use the template as is.

Feel free to ask if you get stuck - we’re a friendly bunch :slightly_smiling_face:

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